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What does Tarpon Home Watch do?

When we arrive at the client’s home, the first thing we do is inspect the outside.  We look at the roof and rain gutters for signs of any damage.  We then check the windows and doors to make sure nothing has been forced open or broken and that no screens are torn. Condition of the grass, plants and irrigation system is noted. Mail is removed from the mailbox and we gather any circulars or papers that are laying around. Water is turned on if necessary.


We then enter the home, noting if the the security system is in working order. The next step in the process consists of an inside walk through.  We pull out our flashlight and begin inspecting the ceilings, floors, walls and baseboards, as well as around the inside of the windows and doors.  We are looking for any signs of water, mold and mildew or pest infestation or rodent droppings.  


We run water in all sinks, tubs and showers.  If something is leaking, we shut off the water and immediately contact you and plan the fix.  We flush all the toilets and check for leaks at the shut off valves and around the base.  


In the kitchen, we run the garbage disposal (to lubricate the seals) and check the refrigerator to make sure it is on and temperature settings are adequate.   


We listen for smoke alarm trouble alerts and replace battery if necessary.  We test the lights throughout the home and replace bulbs when necessary (if bulbs are available).  The thermostat and, if so equipped, the humidistat, are checked for the proper temperature and percentage settings and adjusted if necessary.  


If the home has a pool, water levels and pool equipment are checked.  We ensure that the timer and pool pump are working to owners specifications. We check the lanai cage for tears in the screening.


We check the garage and make sure all is in order.


We walk through the home one last time, checking to make sure that all the exterior doors and windows are secure. We then set the alarm and exit.  Once back outside, we turn the water off if required. 


If we encounter anything that needs immediate attention, we contact the client right away.


With our newest home watch software reporting system, our clients will have real time notification and results of our visit.


This represents a typical home watch visit.  However, we can make any additions necessary.  

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